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thank you ♥

Life is like a cupcake. Heaven sent and always better with a little frosting. - Author unknown but greatly appreciated

When I came here in October 2010, I wished to inspire others and I hope that in some way I do. It is a great fun to tumble! I found here quite an interesting crowd whose creative ideas inspire me as well. Their postings are like a cherry on top of my cupcake.

In a very short time I learned that people love beautifully inspiring images and do not have much time or patience for long text posts. Since I publish my original writings on my other blogs I decided to share shorter quotes here. I hope that they will add some sparkle to an already wonderful day.

Great many thanks to all my followers! I am open to any suggestions you may have.

I also wish to thank all the others whose images or quotes I was able to include in my blog.

Greetings to all! And thank you for following me on tumblr. - Dominique

♥ Let’s enjoy the cupcake! And the cherry!

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