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I am a curious time and space traveler with an academic training in economic sciences and philosophy. I am fascinated with the brilliance of the human mind and the progress of science and technology. Since the early years I am interested in the mind-body problem, philosophy of time, epistemology, and futurology as well as the Eastern thought and alternative ways of healing. I spent more than twenty years studying and researching aging and disease. I believe that to a great degree we are responsible for our own condition. Our bodies have the most remarkable ability to heal themselves. We just have to allow them to do just that.

I am a very happy person in a wonderful relationship with an incredible man. I enjoy my life and wish to help as many people as possible to feel just fabulous about themselves. I understand that sometimes we get stuck and are unable to see a solution. It does not take much to change the way we think or feel. Sometimes it is just a brilliant thought or a story that appears at the right moment. I hope that this blog will inspire my readers and help them lead happy and fulfilled lives.

With love light and laughter - Dominique

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